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So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here—not under any byline of mine; or anyone else I can think of. With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Romney: “No one’s asked to see my birth certificate”

Well, actually, someone has - 


SACRAMENTO, March 22 (UPI) — People aligned with the birthers movement sued California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, demanding she verify all presidential candidates’ eligibility.

The lawsuit filed by Republican primary write-in candidate John Albert Dummett Jr., a California state employee, Markham Robinson of the American Independent Party of California and five others also raised “questions concerning the eligibility” of Republican Mitt Romney to be a presidential candidate, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Birthers believe President Obama was born in Africa and is not a U.S. citizen, so he is ineligible to be president. Obama last year released his long-form birth certificate from a Honolulu hospital that stated he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, which birthers have theorized was forged.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Gary Kreep of Ramona, Calif., said Wednesday his clients wanted the issue of Romney’s eligibility raised because of his parents’ residency in Mexico.

Full article here.
Who cares if a cat is black or white, as long as it catches the mice. Deng Xiaoping
Why should women be paid equal to men? Men have been in the working world a lot longer and deserve to be paid at a higher rate. Heck, I’m a working mom and I’m not paid a dime. I depend on my husband to provide for me and my family, as should most women… and if a woman does work, she should be happy just to be out there in the working world and quit complaining that she’s not making as much as her male counterparts. I mean really, all this wanting to be equal nonsense is going to be detrimental to the future of women everywhere. Who’s going to want to hire a woman, or for that matter, even marry a woman who thinks she is the same, if not better than a man at any job. It’s almost laughable. C’mon now ladies, are you with me on this? Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney

This is a great quote! But one small thing - she never said it. Learn to fact check next time. Perpetuating a lie will make others question the truths you do tell.

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We all are equal in the eyes of God. But as Americans that’s not enough. We must be equal in the eyes of each other. We can no longer judge each other on the basis of WHAT we are, but must instead start finding out WHO we are. In America, our origins matter less than our destinations and that’s what democracy is all about. Ronald Reagan (1992)

Throughout US history, the biggest block to equality can be summed up in two words: The South

Much like Southern Democrats had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century to accept racial equality, Southern Republicans now need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century to accept marriage equality.

The South was also way behind the times with gender equality. The womens suffrage movement was based primarily in the North and West, and of all the Southern states, only Texas and Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment (giving women the right to vote) before it went into effect.

In fact, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana voters all rejected ratifying the 19th Amendment, and only subsequently did so in symbolic votes held later in the century.

Although all American women got the right to vote in 1920 once the amendment was approved by three-fourths of the states, Mississippi voters didn’t actually approve it until 1984, 64 years later.

It’s great you support gay marriage, Mr. President! But whatcha gonna do about it?

Flowery words and thoughtful rhetoric alone won’t make it happen any more than they’ve revived this miserable economy.

I know Rick, I like him, we’re friendly. But I gotta tell you something, I don’t want him running my country. SHELDON ADELSON, Newt Gingrich’s billionaire casino backer on why he won’t support Rick Santorum